Aiming Higher Book by Michael Green

Book: Aiming Higher: Helping Employees Believe, Belong & Matter in Your Organization.

I didn’t expect to care so much. When I was asked to lead global employee communications for Intel in 2006, I saw it as a communications role with a certain audience: employees. I never expected how important our employees would become to me—and how differently I’d come to see this “communications” assignment.

My team and I asked, What does every employee need to thrive? My answer: She wants to believe in the organization’s purpose, belong to a team of people helping one another soar, and matter to the team’s success. Communications can play an outsized role in creating and fostering that environment of “believe, belong, and matter.”

In Aiming Higher, I offer a way of looking at that opportunity—that obligation—and challenge communicators of all types, from executives to communications practitioners, to step up.

Reader Comments:

“Good leadership is about connecting and inspiring employees to a vision. That happens through the art of communication, and Green’s book provides excellent tips.”
–Coby Schneider (read full review here)

“It is difficult to find helpful and rich material on employee communications. This book fits the bill. It’s a quick read—but it is packed with useful nuggets of tips, insights, advice.”
–Christine Dotts (read full review here)

“I wish I could give this book to my management chain. It is well written, thoughtful, playful, and an offering of humble curiosity (like a gentle exploration guide more than a list of commandments or Truth).
-Amazon customer (read full review here)

Toolkit: Getting to I believe, I belong, I matter.

Do your employees believe in your purpose? Do they feel they belong to a supportive community? Do they know how they matter to your success?

These three questions are at the heart of an effective approach to employee engagement and experience, and they are at the heart of the “I believe, I belong, I matter” toolkit—a companion to the book Aiming Higher.

With 10 worksheets to guide you, the toolkit will help you dig deep into your particular situation—your organization and the humans who make it come alive—and to emerge with the beginnings of a communications approach to cultivating a “believe, belong, matter” environment that will help fuel employee engagement and the organization’s success.

Believe Belong Matter Toolkit Michel Green Communications