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Making the most of communications for organizations and humans.

Your mission, your story, your people, your customers—all ready to gain from clear, compelling communications. Whether you need a complete communications strategy, a detailed transition plan, strong new content, or a fast rewrite of a tactical memo, I can help you make the most of the opportunity. As an experienced leader in corporate communications, including two decades at Intel, I can help you discover new possibilities in your situation, gain clarity about your challenges, and then communicate with the impact you need.

“Mike Green is one of the best people I ever worked with at Intel. I'll read anything he writes.”

Christine Dotts, marketing and communications executive Michael Green Communications LLC May 1, 2018

Who I am

Michael Green

With decades of experience in all forms of business communications, from media and analyst relations to employee communications, I’ll help you make the most of the communications opportunities you face—because there are always opportunities. I’ve held many different leadership roles in companies big and small, including two decades with Intel. Sometimes I’ve gotten it very right—and sometimes less so. Those learnings will benefit you.

Listening is where I begin. I work to understand people, organizations and the situations they face. Then I’ll plan, develop, and execute the communications you need—from comprehensive strategies to tactical one-page rewrites.

By listening for insights, synthesizing what I learn, and then advocating for my clients through communications, I help organizations and people redefine and deliver their best work.

How I can help

For organizations, leaders, communicators and any humans who want to make the most of their communications opportunities and challenges, I can help determine what’s needed and then deliver it. Drawing on decades of work, in organizations large and small, I use communications to discover insights that matter, to clarify your message, and to deliver the impact you want—whether it’s outside in your marketplace or inside with your employees. In my experience the most frequent needs are in organizational transitions, leader communications, and content development.

Organizational Transitions

When we face big changes, we learn things we didn’t know before, such as what’s working and what’s not—and where we really want to go. The resulting insights can be powerful—when they’re channeled through clear and compelling communications. From comprehensive transition communications strategies to quick rewrites of executive memos, I can help you make the most of your transition whether you’ve invited it or it’s been “invited” upon you.

Leader Communications

What does every employee need to thrive? She wants to believe in the organization’s purpose, belong to a team of people helping one another soar, and matter to the organization and its success. Leader communications are essential to creating that environment of “believe/belong/matter.” A smart combination of policies, programs, leader communications and employee dialogue can get you there. I’m prepared to help.

Content Development

Intelligent content brings you closer to your audiences and keeps you close. For customers outside or employees inside, the stories you tell will help them understand why you’re the best choice—as a product and service provider, as an employer, as a community. I can help you tell it right, to help your audiences understand you and to show them you understand them. Clear messaging in compelling forms—let’s explore what’s possible.

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